Awards presented to Mango Lounge Windsor

innovative, colourful, evocative, subtle....

but always with passion

During National Curry Week

Head Chef Ashwani Kumar beat 200 rivals in winning the ‘Best Traditional Dish’ award for ‘Lal Maas’, one of the hottest lamb curries from Western India. Ashwani showed immense skill in achieving an amicable blend of a generous amount of hot chillies’ with other spices, which resulted in this mouth-watering dish. National Curry Week is an annual charity event, and the money raised during this week goes to feed the poor and the hungry in India. Ashwani also won an award in the ‘Best Signature Dish’ category for showing considerable flair and imagination in creating his ‘Rice-crusted King Prawns’, which is served in a shot glass with a trio of chutneys topped with a dash of martini.